49-50 Books

49/50 Books, Meher Marfatia's publishing imprint, seeks to contribute quality books on little-known aspects of the humanities, oral histories of threatened cultures and heritage conservation through a variety of narrative strands. Its first title in 2011 was Laughter in the House: 20th-Century Parsi Theatre, which she exclusively researched and wrote. The well reviewed book comprehensively covers a rich period of this form of theatre (1920-2000). She went on to be the Creative Consultant for a successful stage play based on this book, which is seen as a significant revival of Parsi theatre, with popular vintage stars back on the stage after almost half a century, in both productions, Laughter in the House-1 and its sequel Laughter in the House-2.

Other titles from 49/50 Books include Musical Journeys: A Personal Introduction to Western Classical Composers authored by Homi Dastoor and two editions of Parsi Bol: Insults, Endearments and other Parsi Gujarati Phrases in collaboration with Sooni Taraporevala.

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